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BenQ V2420H 24" Widescreen LED Monitor


World's Leading Expert in LED Monitors
BenQ – the world's leading LED monitor brand – invites you to witness the splendid beauty of this world with class-leading slimness V Series LED monitors. The BenQ LED monitors are built with revolutionary LED backlight technology to offer only the best picture quality for your personal visual enjoyment. With a full lineup of the BenQ LED monitors to complement your personal lifestyle, things are certainly lookin' great!

Internationally Recognized Design Excellence
Winner of an iF Product Design Award for 2010, the V2420H achieves a rare balance between the cutting edge and the classic. Inspired by the lustrous polish of lacquerware, these monitors feature a glossy sheen that produces an intriguing mosaic of reflections. Smooth contours and clean lines start with a gracefully sculpted circular base accented by a silver ring. This base is connected to the body by a slender neck that further evinces elegant craftsmanship, while the sleekness of the design is shown by a display housing that measures a mere 15 millimeters in depth. Even the back of these monitors is exquisite, with an immaculately smooth surface unmarred by cooling vents - not needed due to the LED backlight's extremely low power consumption. That energy efficiency makes the V2420H environmentally friendly, as does the fact that their glorious finish is achieved without the use of polluting paints.

Full HD Fully Realized
Supporting Full HD resolution, the V2420H can render 1080p content pixel for pixel, without interpolation or other compromises to the original high-definition video. Moreover, thanks to the native 16:9 aspect ratio, you can enjoy the astounding picture quality and immersive viewing experience of Full HD video without the cropping, stretching, or addition of black bars necessary on 16:10 displays to accommodate the widescreen format.

Exceptional Dynamic Contrast Ratio
The V2420H does not merely offer excellent dynamic contrast ratio - it's the highest available on the market at an amazing 10,000,000:1. The result is truer blacks, and the ability to reveal detail in darkly lit areas of the screen image, which would be rendered as undifferentiated blocks on less capable displays.

Superior Color Performance
With its LED technology, the V2420H possesses the ability to rapidly adjust backlighting intensity to reflect changes to lighting levels in the displayed video. In addition, because its LED backlight module eliminates light leakage, the V2420H can render darkly lit scenes accurately without muddling or extraneous illumination, while maintaining excellent color performance.

Performance-Steady Right at Start
The V2420H monitor is ready when you are. Once powered up, it wakes from display sleep immediately, restoring full color and brightness without forcing you to wait through a sluggish warm-up before you can get working - or playing - again. It also offers flicker-free viewing for fluid motion even in highly dynamic scenes, eliminating the eyestrain that results from long periods of viewing a screen image that is not rendered stably

.Energy-Saving, Easy on the Environment
The V2420H reduces power consumption by up to 43.3%* compared to CCFL-backlit models - and by a more astounding 65.3%* in the ultra-energy-efficient Eco mode. That means the V2220 is not only an environment-friendly choice for your next monitor, but offers significant savings on electricity costs as well.

Mercury-free Manufacturin
The manufacturing process and construction materials for the V2420H' LED backlight module are completely mercury-free, eliminating the source of a highly toxic pollutant during production and recycling. In addition, due to the durability of LEDs, the V2420H offers low maintenance.

Made for Multimedia
The V2420H is perfect for viewing the latest digital multimedia content. Along with support for HDMI 1.3, the newest version of the industry-standard interface for digital video equipment, the V2420H also integrates handy audio-out capabilities, allowing you to listen to music, movie soundtracks, and other audio content on external speakers or through your home stereo system.

Superior Response Time
With a speedy 5ms response time, even highly dynamic video is rendered with smooth, fluid motion without ghosting or other artifacts to distract your view.

LCD Size24"W (LED Backlight)
LCD Resolution1920x1080
Pixel Pitch (mm)0.276
Brightness250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000 : 1
Response Time5ms
Color Support16.7 million
Port I / O1 x D-Sub
 1 x DVI-D
 1 x HDMI 1.3
 1 x Headphone
Power Consumtion (on mode)30W (Max)
Dimensions (W x H x D)66.60 x 50.30 x 12.50 cm
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty by Authorized Distributor
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BenQ V2420H 24" Widescreen LED Monitor

BenQ V2420H 24" Widescreen LED Monitor

3 Years Limited Warranty by Authorized Distributor

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