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Anti Virus Software

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Kaspersky PURE for 1Computer Anti Virus Software



Award-winning protection against Internet threats
By combining our latest antivirus technologies – running on your PC – plus the far-reaching benefits of the cloud, Kaspersky PURE 2.0 provides more comprehensive security than ‘cloud only’ packages can offer. Keep safe from malware and phishing websites while you’re online – shopping, banking and social networking.

Protect your whole family
Award-winning features help to protect your children and your information. You can control access to the Internet, applications, games and websites – plus limit or log Instant Messaging and social networking. Kaspersky PURE 2.0 can even block the transfer of phone and credit card numbers.

Protect your identity
Advanced features help to keep your identity secure while you’re online. Password Manager generates strong passwords, stores them in an encrypted vault and automatically logs you on to websites and applications. The latest anti-phishing technologies help prevent online fraud – plus an on-screen Virtual Keyboard helps ensure credit card numbers aren’t stolen by keyloggers or identity thieves.

Protect your digital assets
Kaspersky PURE 2.0 lets you schedule automatic backups – to an external drive or USB device – to protect your photos, music and financial documents in case of theft or a hard disk fault. For added security, you can easily encrypt your sensitive, personal information.

Boost your PC performance
Because your PC stores deleted files and your browsing history, that can affect performance and compromise your security. Keep your PC running smoothly – by permanently “shredding” your documents and deleting your surfing history, temporary files, cookies and Recycle Bin.

Easily manage your security – across multiple PCs
Now, it’s easier to manage the security of all your family’s PCs. Kaspersky PURE 2.0 lets you maintain all security tasks, run scans and updates, perform backups, fix security issues and manage parental controls on all of your home PCs – from the one PC you’re using.

ModelPURE 2.0 (for 1 Computer)
FeaturesHybrid Protection, the power of the cloud plus the power of your PC
 System Watvher, protection from unknown malware
 File Advisor, instant information from the cloud
 Home Network Control, easy management of multiple PCs
 Password Manager, convenient and secure
 Parental Controls, safer for your children
 Backup and Restore, protect precious files
 Windows 8 Compatible
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Kaspersky PURE for 1Computer Anti Virus Software

Kaspersky PURE for 1Computer Anti Virus Software

Anti Virus Software

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